Mobile Services

The key service of Super Shine is our mobile services. We understand your busy schedules may keep you from dropping by servicing / polishing garages, that’s why we bring the service to your door step. Be it on weekday evenings or weekends wazaporn escort babylon, we can drop by your place on appointment to render our car grooming services at the comfort of your residence. Alternatively, you can also enjoy our services whilst at work by arranging for us to drop by your office to do the car grooming.


4-Door Dashboard Protection

We assist to do Door and Dashboard Leather Protection for all types of vehicles, be it saloon or MPV types. It is important to maintain and protect the leather of your vehicle’s interior as it can be worn out over time, or may even fray. Our skilled technicians will pamper the vehicle with lasting protection agents for it to last against the elements.

Headlamp Restoration

Over time, the headlamp gets damaged from minor scratches or lose its original clarity due to oxidization on the surface of the glass. Super Shine guarantees the shine restored back to your headlamp through buffing of scratches and polishing of the headlamp.

Engine Cleaning

Does the soot and dirt that built up on your engine bother you? If so, you’ll have realized that cleaning the engine is a tedious task, with many nooks and corners that are not easily reached. Our professional technicians are experienced in the makes and frames of various car manufacturers, and have the technique required to give the engine a good cleaning, effectively bringing back the clean matt look to your engine. Never fear lifting up your car’s hood again.

Interior Cleaning

The interior of cars easily get dirtied from the daily entering and leaving of the car. Rather than going through the trouble of having to squeeze in discomfort to clean your vehicle, let us do the job for you. Our knowledge of vehicle makes and frames coupled with the use high-tech equipment to vacuum the vehicle’s every corner and pocket will ensure it is dust-free.

Glass Coating

Glass Coating application is our forte. Backed with years of experience and professional training, our staff use our signature polishing and glass coating agents, S1 and S3 to give your car the “Brand New” look. We assure the effectiveness of our services through your reflected smile off your car’s surface when we’re done.

Leather Treatment

If your vehicle has a leather interior, then our leather treatment is the right thing for you. It is important to maintain leather from fraying by using the right treatment agent to shield it from the temperatures as well as contact that brushes against the seats.


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