1) What 4 Layer Polish treatment ?

a) Lacquer: To remove scratches, water mark and weathered rough surface.
b) Glaze:Remove light to medium contamination, mild scratches, and oxidation surface that cannot get rid through swirling polisher and blemishes.
c) Polish: Enhance paint glossiness & smoothness.
d) Waxing: Provide ultimate glossy protection to any cleaned and polished paint finish. Check https://milfster.org.

2) What is Super Shine S1 ?

Ans: S1 is a synthetic crystal solution formulated from advance technology pornfree.cc , this latest high tech formula, microscopically fills paint imperfection and leaves a strong flexible and durable film on your car paintwork.

3) What is Super Shine S3?

Ans: S3 is exclusively designed as an after wash conditioner(glass coating), it protects and prolongs your freshly waxes car shine 3 to 5 times more,
regardless of and brand or type of wax or sealant you are using now.

4) What is Super Shine clay block?

Ans: Super Shine clay block is exclusively designed to lift stubborn grime off your car surface with the most easiest, effective and economic way.

5) How to use Super Shine S1 & S3?

Ans: S1 and S3 are using separately and they cannot be mixed together and use.
Note: Please refer to the application guide or call us if you need help.

6) What is the sequence in using and S1 and S3?

Ans: First of all, car must be cleaned before applying S1(follow user guide), after S1 then S3(follow user guide)